Lakshya E R P Packages
  Whole cycle of your Business administration.
Lakshya Marketing
  Starts from Order handling to dispatch, Sales Rep performance and depot Accounting etc.
Lakshya Billing/Invoicing
  Finished Stock to Bill/Invoice, Excise, Sales Tax, Books Entry and Marketing Reports.
Lakshya Time Attendance and Pay roll
  Starts From Attendance Marking to Pay Preparation and Statutory forms & Reports.
Lakshya Call Performance of maintenance Engineers
  Starts from Call assignment, customer report, warranty availability etc.
Lakshya Warranty Maintenance
  From Sale Bill/Invoice to Validity of Warranty and renewal/up-gradation of warranty.
Lakshya School Administration
  Student Enrollment, Attendance, Examination Result, Fees, Salary and Accounts.
Lakshya Car Hiring Business Solutions
  Billing, Debtors, Drivers, Assets etc.
Lakshya Transport Business
  Lorry Receipt, Commission, Party Bill.
Lakshya Saree Shop Business
  Stock, Billing, Accounts etc.
Lakshya Steel Rolling Mill Business
  Truck Record, Stock, Production, Excise Accounts etc.
Lakshya Brokerage Business
  Sauda, Bill, Group Bill, Sauda Reports, Receipt, Payments etc.
Lakshya Maintenance of Pre Budgeting base Accounting.
  Budget, Store, Receipts, Payments Accounting etc.
Lakshya Financial Accounting

Double Entry System of financial Accounting system with Purchase, Sale, Store, Excise, Sales Tax, Cost and Financial Accounting.

Multi Level Marketing

Data of Members, Members Binary Bonus,  Members Direct Bonus, Members Payment, Members Ledger etc, Every Transaction on Line no limits.

Any Other Business
  Any relational Database management System as per customer requirement