About Us        
      Started in 1998, Lakshya Software is market leader in providing solutions in Relational Database Management System and Web based application solutions. We are working extensively for the last fourteen years in implementation of Management Information System (MIS) in different fields & Industries and have successfully executed several projects of ERP/CRM and Web Designing.      
      We developed software for Monitoring of Budget along with Financial and Store Accounting, Financial Accounting, Billing, Stock Inventory, Brokerage, Car Hiring, Costing of Book Printing, Sales Accounting with analysis on each seller and Sales man, Time Attendance & Payroll Software, School, students and examination management, Transport and also developed Web sites including a marriage web portal.      
      Window-based RDBMS software’s are developed on Visual Studio and Oracle, Operating System Window xp, Windows 2003 Server, Windows7.      
      The Modules which we have developed take care of standard double entry accounting system + feedback and requirement of that specific Organization.      
      The Web Site, Which we have developed include database web sites apart from normal html web sites. The basic language used is HTML, .ASP; .NET Visual Web Developerand Database are Access, SQL Server, My SQL and Oracle.      
      Mr. Rajeev Jain is our proprietor having a vast experience of Commercial Activities, Administration of Industries, Development, Implementation of software projects and Web Designing.      
      Experience in software development:      
      Eighteen years of experience in running software company providing solutions for Relational Database Management System, management information system, web sites and Database Website development.