Free Accounting Software

Different type of lakshya accounting software are available for different type of business man.
$ Factory
$ Factory Plus Trading
$ Whole seller
$ Whole seller Plus Retailer
$ Retailer
$ Service Provider
$ Hotel
$ Chemist
$ Hospital
$ Clinic
You can download from software from above link.
Download consist of instruction for installation and operation
      Software will always be free for
Students, Accountants and retailers having turnover up to 20 Lacs.

Our one time charges will be Rs.4,000/- for single user
Our one time Charges will be Rs.7,500/- for multi user.

Any maintenance will be free. Yearly maintenance is not required.
further development will be charged @ Rs.1,000/- each report.
Installation is very simple everyone can do it. We will charge Rs.500/- for installation.

Maintenance etc will be through internet only.
      Please send your suggestions and requirements. That will be incorporated free for your satisfaction. We will not ask you for money, all will be free.      

Download Free GST Accounting Software

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